Saturday, September 17, 2011

MAAC - Announcment 16/9/2011

Dear Members

This evening the MAAC committee held up a meeting to discuss very important issues for the future of our club and our sport. Below is a list of items discussed.

Leadership of MAAC

Stanley Shaw has resigned from club chairman with immediate effect and has handed over this role to James Bugeja former secretary. James Bugeja will be assisted by Gordon Gouder until the next General MAAC meeting were the chairman and committee are selected for the next two years.

Stanley will continue to assist James in some issues until December 2011.
The club license must be transferred from Stanley Shaw to James before end December 2011.
Stanley decided to end his assignment because is leaving Malta for the next few years.

The committee has to follow up two important issues.
A. Discuss with current VSR owner possibility of utilizing an adjacent venue for air rifle shooting, There are ongoing works and development in the area we are currently using and this is a treat to continue air rifle shooting. If needed we together with the owner must seek necessary permits to utilize this area. This area technically is more suitable for FT.

B. The committee will start to investigate what happened with the permits presented to MEPA re Hal Far shooting range and an other location in the South of Malta. According to our knowledge Hal Far was pending some issue and the committee will try to investigate further. There were ranges given within 2 weeks the permit to shoot air rifles, we cannot understand why our application is almost a year old now and still not granted.

MAAC - Airgun program

MAAC decided that the main focus will be Field Target sport. We will not put aside the other shooting sports including Airsoft and Paintball, but the main focus of the airgun group will be given to FT followed by Benchrest.

The committe has decided the followimg.
a. There will be a total of 8 FT official matches starting from October 2011 till May 2012.
b. A competitor must apply to participate to an official match.
c. The last two matches April and May are the MAAC FT Nationals and there are obligatory for qualification to Malta team 2012 for Norway.
d. The competitor can shoot any number of matches form October till March and for qualifications the best 3 out of 6 are selected. Then the scores obtained in the Nationals are added.
e. During these official Matches there will be a grading system as used by EFTA. The grading will also be useful to en courage new shooters as prices will be according to gradings.
f. If the club has funds or is granted funds to assist shooters going to WFTF worlds the top 3 shooters form this overall grading will be used.

A separate official program will be compiled for BR and this will be discussed with MSSF.

FT and BR
We have been present in Italy for he WFTF 2011 world championships. FT in Italy is growing rapidly including in Sicily our closest neighbor. MAAC will try to make contacts through Sicily for joint events in FT and BR in the near future. This will serve as training, competition and discovering other elements in FT and BR shooting.

In the next two weeks you will get the activity program for 2011.2012.
We hope to see more of you joining in the ranks.

I would like to thank all of those members who gave us their support since the formation of the club. We did great leaps the only thing that stopped us from growing further was the locations were to shoot and were to have a decent club location. Although I'm now officially not the club chairman I will do my last attempts and efforts together with James and Gordon for pushing forward and ensuring continuation of what we started. Despite I will be thousands of miles away from this island I still would like to see continuation and improvements.

Best regards to all of you and your families.
Support MAAC .

Stanley Shaw